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Our Projects

ONCO-Service is a research organization which was created to develop and implement new methods of cancer diseases diagnostics.  Our scientific and research project aimed at development of specific medical devices capable to detect  skin melanoma at its early stages is of significant interest for state organizations authorized to support development of private business in the Russian Federation as well as private companies and investors. Device and project presentation.   
ONCO-Shop is an online store for medical and hygienic products to patients of medical clinics and individual patients who are treated from different oncological, urological and other diseases at their surgical and rehabilitation stages. We are offering to medical clinics and individually practicing therapists newest and up-to-date medical products vital for their effective work, medical consumables and instruments and other products necessary to battle deadly diseases. The offered products are from the best known national and international producers. The list of the products also includes hygienic products for different categories of patients as well as for people without health problems.
ONCO-Shop Project is one of a few Internet-based projects of that kind in the Russian Federation and countries of the former USSR aimed at the fastest possible delivery services needed by patients suffering from oncology and urology related diseases, patients at their surgical and rehabilitation stages being treated at clinics in big cities and remote smaller towns of Russia and the other FSU countries.

We make help accessible for many of those who need it!  

We meticulously screen out all products we choose for our online-store. Products from the leading national and international producers, highly-qualified professionals and constant strict product quality control guarantee high medical and user-specific qualities the offered products.
All the products were certified and recommended as quality medical products by the Russian state certification centers and authorities.
ONCO-Clinic is a project which we are planning to develop in near future (preparation works started). Our project involves opening within 1-2 years a private clinic specialized on cancer related diseases therapy where the best highly-qualified professional therapists will utilize their knowledge and experience.

The mission of our company

We work to make life of patient and their relatives better!

We see our mission in supplying needed quality medical products and services to patients, their relatives, doctors and clinics they practice in shortest possible times.

We offer best therapeutic and rehabilitation medical products to oncologic, urological, surgical and rehabilitation patients and customers in the Russian Federation.

We take actions because we are professionals in cancer care. We are open for co-operation with every company or clinic working to make people healthy and successful.